How we make A Cool Web site at a cool price I think is the solution to a lot of peoples problems when it comes to Web Design and how much you wish to spend. My solution to this problem was to create a Web Site that deals with this very issue. You may say that there are cheap Web Design Web Sites already out there, well indeed there are. You can even get a Free Web Site if you really want to. But there are drawbacks to that too.

aCoolWeb unlike most companies offering you a Free Web Site, offer you a Tailor Made Web Site that can be edited in an endless amount of ways and what's more it will even come as a Google Friendly Web Site. This rarely happens with a freebie

What aCoolWeb offers

aCoolWeb offers an affordable, editable Web Site. It can also be customised to suit your business or personal preference. that will perform for you and your business. Thus giving go a great shop window.

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Web Site Requirement

Web Site designed this way have only one difference from any other tailor made Web Site and that is a copy right difference. To use most Web site templates it is usually a legal requirement to carry a link back to the original creator.

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Creating your Web Site

aCoolWeb Web Site is created from a Web Site template. We are able to edit both the HTML and CSS coding to alter the appearance to suit you. Photographs, Multi Media can also be added

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Your Cheap Web Site

All of our web sites are built from pre formed templates, which cam be modified to suit your personal needs. You simply select an "appropriate" Web Site Template and we will modify it for you and create all the pages you need from the information you supply.

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What you could sell, see below

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